Our Solutions

The 30 Hour L3 is now available !!

Features include:
•    16 volt DC, 1500 mlA  Lithium Ion Battery
•    Overcharge protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection
•    1000 mlA  Quick Charger  Included, with charging and full charge indicator
•    Other features remain the same as previous L3
•    Price remains the same, with exception of not having to purchase LLP

Limited availability,  so act quickly…
Available in Tiger/Maple wood.   Aluminum anodized-  colors- Black, Blue, Red.


The L3

We here at Triad Audio have been getting many requests for a more flexible edition of our Legendary LISA III Headphone Amplifier. TRIAD AUDIO considers the Desires of all our Customers. The L3 is the latest in a long legacy of pocket Amps that Define the Art in compact portable amplification(cpa). Read More

History and More

Create a single integration of three separate entities into one harmonious whole. This defines the Triad in nature and is the bases for the unique method of employing three separate amplifiers to harmoniously integrate the stereo reproduction into one holistic sphere of sonic holography…read more

Marketing & Distribution

We are moving in the direction of manufacturing then sell to wholesalers and distributers.  The L3 units are available in Red, Blue, Black Aluminum.  We also have wood available.  They have a beautiful Tiger Wood body and Maple ends…read more

Ongoing Innovation

Triad Audio is busy getting other prototyped products ready to produce units
available for dealer distribution.

Supported Devices

iPhones, iPads, iPods, iTouch, are all supported on the L3 portable headphone amplifier.  


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